Monday, June 27, 2011

Bad Dog

Darla found some left over M&Ms in Jerry's fleece pocket. Seriously, whoever heard of leftover M&Ms? Anyway, She couldn't help herself and she ate through the pocket lining to get to the candy. That's determination.

I wanted to do a repair that Jerry would appreciate and remember. So when I saw this fabric at JoAnn's, I knew that I had to buy some and draw some freckles with a Sharpie pen.

By the way, there are firework tents popping up everywhere. This one was in the JoAnn's parking lot. Fabric and pyrotechnics- one stop shopping.

We've been making campfires these past two weekends. I love sitting around a fire and watching the sky slowly darken. For Father's Day, Jerry picked out a bunch of campfire tools.

We roasted some footlong hotdogs and Hebrew National Kosher hotdogs. Super garlicky and delish!

We also tried some pie iron cooking. There are whole websites dedicated to the art of pie iron campfire cooking. We made chicken quesadillas. Mine used corn tortillas, Jerry tried the flour ones. Melty good with cheddar and roasted chiles.

On the knitting front, I completed my Pruney Lace Citron. Before blocking, it was the most wrinkly purple blob of knit, ever! Blocking works wonders and magically transforms shapeless messes into elegant pieces. I think this one's a keeper!

I immediately cast on another one in a splashy tropical fruit color palette. It looks like a sunset and may be too much on the caliente side. I am toying with the idea of throwing it into a very weak dyebath of brown to tone it down and unify the colors. The process scares me, but I think it may soften the look.

Burn Baby Burn!


woolydaisy said...

roy wants to know if they still sell Kogels hotdogs in michigan. i think i'd chew thru the suitcase to get some left over chocolate:) you might have to change your name to shawlchik. you go girl!!!

soxchik said...

Tell Roy they sell Kogels at Meijers. And they sell buffalo hot dogs at Olsons. Maybe the bear wanted a footlong Kogel?