Wednesday, July 13, 2011

She's Looking Like a Hobo

Remember Malcolm McLaren?

Well, I made myself a hobo bag, so I'm looking like a hobo (again).

I made this from a free sewing pattern that I found online. It is huge and can hold tons of stuff (like yarn). It is rated 'advanced beginner' and goes pretty fast. The hardest part was printing out all of the pages and figuring out how to align them and tape them together (no small feat). Katherine made one in zebra canvas a couple of months ago and it has become her favorite tote bag. I put an extra pocket on the front of mine. That pocket button is an antler slice with some goldstone in the center.

Here it is inside out, so you can see the innards. A zippered pocket on one side.

A plain pocket and a cell phone sized pocket, on the opposite side.

I think I need to get some hammer-in snaps for securing the top, bronze color if possible. In the meantime, Darla is a great purse model.

Now for some garden photos.

The garlic is scaping. I have been putting them in stir fries, Mexican style eggs (migas), marinades, you name it.

They also make awesome bracelets for keeping away vampires.

The pumpkins are sprawling. The roaming gnome better watch his back or he'll get grabbed by one of those tendrils.

There are two rows of overgrown neglected grapes that need to be cleaned up. They may still have a chance.

Here's a Georgia O' Keefe style photo, just for fun.


woolydaisy said...

nice stitches shopping bag!!!!! your garden is looking great!

soxchik said...

Steph, if it holds up I will use itat Stitches. That's a big " if".

Attagirl said...

I'd love to find out where the bag pattern came from!

Anonymous said...

Would you post a link to the online pattern- bag is awesome!