Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ready or Not

Ready or not, the packers are coming tomorrow. I think I am not ready. There's a ton of clothes that have to be folded and put into suitcases. There's paperwork scattered everywhere. There's still a refrigerator full of food. I think I may need to borrow Woolydaisy's photo and let out a good scream:

I grabbed some yarn and did some stress busting knitting.

The edge looks complicated, but it is sixteen rows of lace and a few nupps. After those first few pesky rows are complete, the scarf /shawl is smooth sailing with stockinette stitch. I used a Kauni yarn that had a funky color morph from violet, to grey, to taupe. Very strange, but it kept me entertained while my world around me is being disassembled and put into boxes.

Jerry also threw a retirement lunch at the officer's club. We were up to our ears in Schlotzsky's deli sandwiches and wraps.

There was a nice selection of cigars.

Jerry was presented a plaque with his work phone attached. That phone rang at all hours of the night and would set the dog into a frenzy. It was the phone from Hell!

And this really nice shadow box with his medals and stuff. The flag that's encased was flown over the Alamo. That's so Hank Hill!

I will try to keep you posted of our whereabouts while we transitioning to Michigan life. As they say, "Fair Winds and Following Seas!"

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woolydaisy said...

a new chapter in your life opens! may the adventure begin! can't believe you cranked out that shawl-it's gorgeous!!