Thursday, September 30, 2010

Settling Inn

Long time no post. We are in Traverse City, Michigan, and living in a small hotel while waiting to close on our house. The hotel has free wifi but it only works sometimes. So we have been taking turns on the ipads which have 3G internet. I love the ipads, but I miss my macbook keyboard for blogging capability.

Stephanie and I were the first to arrive here. Steph had never been on a plane before. I was worried that she would have problems. She handled the three flights like a champ. I was so proud of her.

Jerry, Will, Katherine and Darla dog showed up by car a few days later. They had a smooth trip too. Jerry found us a pet friendly hotel that happens to be old, charming and ever so quirky. The maids only come sometimes to clean the rooms, but they showed me where they store the linens and vacuum if I should need them. I haven't had the urge to vacuum yet! They have free bicycles to borrow and there's a nifty ten mile trail behind the building. They also offered us beer and wine. See, they're quirky!

The kids are all in school and Jerry is settling into his new job. I am slowly familiarizing myself with the lay of the land, lots of rolling hills and farms. I found the grocery stores and pharmacies (the Michigan ravelry group was very helpful). Also found the malls, yarn shops, post office by getting lost a lot. The produce in the supermarkets looks so fresh and beautiful- no offense to Texas (you still reign in the BBQ department)!

We had nothing planned for last weekend, so we did a little road trip to our first Michigan festival: The Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Show in West Branch. We checked out the cute critters:

Jerry got a look at the angora bunnies and told me no about 100 times. I think he secretly liked them. All I could think of was their airborne fiber and me screwing up and forgetting to brush their hair. They are probably more work than I need to deal with at this time. But they are so soft and cute and very friendly.

Oh, I have to show you the bathroom door art! I better read up on Michigan Indian lore.

I did buy some nice stuff but I haven't photographed it yet. The move has made me (more) scatterbrained. I did manage to get some work done on some socks. It's another pair of Waving Lace by Evelyn Clark.

That's all for now. Stay well friends!


Nancy McRay said...

Welcome to Michigan! I love the TC area - my parents lived on Old Mission Peninsula for more than 20 years. I hope you are finding your fiber freinds - Michigan is especially rich in all things fiber.

Jill L said...

Boy have I been out of the loop! Congrats on the move and your new house looks charming!