Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Packing and Moving

*Please excuse some of the blurry photos in this post, I was moving fast and on a deadline*

We have been pretty busy at the Soxy house and I haven't posted in a long time. I better fill you in with the details of what you've been missing. Jerry put in his retirement letter with the Coast Guard. It has been an adventurous twenty one years of living all over the United States, but the time has come for something new. He has accepted a position at the Great Lakes Maritime Academy and we're heading North to Traverse City, Michigan.

I flew up to Michigan last weekend for a whirlwind house hunting tour. Traverse City has the prettiest little airport. It has a Frank Lloyd Wright theme throughout. Gotta love those simple lines!

I drove around with a realtor, JD, for two days looking at available houses. He showed me houses with 'mancaves'....... They were willing to throw the pool table and flat screen in for free at this house.

Houses with wet bars...

A house with a home theatre.... (complete with crazy floor lighting)

A chalet that was expensive to heat, and very far from the nearest grocery store when you run out of milk......

Several houses with a super steep driveways that would be a nightmare for us in the winter!!!! Um, no way....

My stomach is in knots and I had a major stress related crying meltdown when I returned home. But we decided on this sweet house! Hopefully it will be ours.

I did get a little bit of sock knitting done on the plane ride (Miss Babs Sinderella superwash).

So now we are in the process of packing, throwing away old stuff, making trips to Goodwill, setting up the kids with their new school and all sorts of crazy. Sadly, Jerry sold his Harley and the RV this last week. I have a feeling there will be replacements in the future, but we had way too much stuff to deal with right now. And we were trying to make the move as simple as possible.

I'll keep in touch!


woolydaisy said...

good luck with the move soxy!!! this is a new chapter in your adventure. i think your gonna like it there-and yes, with enough wine you will learn to play euchre! very cute house. your woolens will quite the workout up there!

woolydaisy said...
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magnusmog said...

Big changes!

Good luck with everything:)