Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back to Normal

After Jerry's mom left, Jerry took off for a two week school in Yorktown, VA. That meant two weeks alone with the kids loaded with pre Christmas stress and anxiety. Bird of Paradise must have enjoyed her visit because I received this basket of Godiva goodness last week. She said it was a "bread and butta" gift in her best coffee tawk N.Y. accent. I'm not a big chocolate fiend, but when I indulge, I love the good stuff. And I love copying her accent. Thanks Birdy!

Here's something I've been meaning to do for a while. I took these two sock books to the Fed Ex Office store and had them spiral bound. It only cost $11.00 and now they can lay flat and behave. Now I want to go through my whole library and see if any other books need spiraling.

I picked up this sparkly batt of merino, bamboo and firestar from the Butterfly Girl at Kid And Ewe. The Butterfly Girl tends to make them super sparkly, with tons of angelina glitzy mylar stuff in them. I found one with firestar which is a little softer. I thought the batt looked a little vampiric (new adjective!), so I knew daughter Katherine would love it.

Here's a shot of how it looks as a single. Even though the photo is blurry you can see all the sparkle action. I plyed it with some black BFL to tone it down a notch. I'll show it in my next post.

William went to see his developmental pediatrician last week for a check up and a case of broken heart. This doctor has his own teen son with Asperger's and goes the extra mile. He'll listen to Will's 'transformer talk' with the patience of a saint. And so I decided he was sock worthy. I never gifted a doctor before, but this was a special case. He also saw me working on them and liked the colorway and design. They're Cookie A's Trysteros. A real pain in the tush to knit, but look really cool and cabley.

I am still cranking out the gifts and currently working on some camouflage waffle socks for my brother. The waffle stitch has thermal properties, or at least that's what I keep telling myself. He hinted that he needed a pair when I saw him over the summer. They're a quick knit with an easy to memorize pattern. My kind of knitting for this time of the year.

That's all for now. I better get back to the needles!


wooly daisy said...

things are settling a bit i see. love the waffle sox and the vampire batt! that was a nice chocolate gift. that ought to keep you knitting-speaking of knitting-i need to get back to my gift making as well-later!

magnusmog said...

If your Doctor is good enough to merit some handmade socks then he must be wonderful.

The chocolate looks very tempting indeed!