Friday, November 27, 2009


Soooo.... Let's back up a bit to where the car died after leaving the fiber fest at Boerne. Jerry and I did some shopping and comparing and decided on going with this Ford Focus as our new commuter car. I love that it has an iPod outlet, and ambient lighting that can be changed from pink to yellow to red to blue to green (I'm partial to the pink, so far). I am a sucker for silly details. I usually drive the Chevy Trailblazer for transporting kids and running errands, but having a smaller car for Jerry's work trips is a great fit. Bye bye little red, welcome little grey!

Here is the completed hat that I started while trapped at the Pep Boys Auto Repair center.

Here is some spinning that I started at Boerne. It was the first purchase I made when I arrived there. I was running a few hours late and needed to get some fiber and catch up with my friends. It is 8 ounces of semi sweet chocolate CVM(that stands for California variegated mutant-I think). It is next to skin soft and fluffy and the color is delightful. So far I have two skeins spun up. I should probably finish up the rest, because it looks like I finally have enough of something to make more than socks or a scarf.

Jerry's mom (aka Bird of Paradise) has come and gone. While visiting we did loads of eating and some cooking too. Here is a rustic tomato/onion/cheese tart I threw together. It came out surprisingly yummy.

We also ate tons of Texas barbeque brisket, ribs, smoked sausage. smoked turkey. My body will need some time to recover from it all. I did get a small break from eating when Stephanie decided she couldn't deal with the Thanksgiving buffet at the Officers' Club. I was secretly thrilled because I really had enough of the fine dining and looked forward to just having a couple of hours to hang out in the house with Steph. Here's to a speedy food detox!


Jill L said...

Purdy car and love the hat!

wooly daisy said...

hey soxy-rhodi and i are in our motel looking at your blog! got the wi-fi working. having fun and had a good show wish you were here in the motel for the wild party. with out imaginary friends.

p.s wild party= jammies, knitting needles,sweetnerless pumpkin pie that rhodi's hubby made us-yuk! we think it was an accident.

mendocino has a great yarn store but they have no clue what BFL is-even though they are spinners. almost got in a fight. rhodi dubbed me fiddy cents!

rhodi has cool tinsle shimmers in her hair-purple and green. everyone accosted her about them. they also thought she was named after a band roadie. guess we are in hippyville.

good nite it's late-
p.s.-our motel does not allow red soda.