Friday, December 18, 2009


I am so glad that marathon knitting is done and in the mail. That was a freaking nightmare. And I somehow manage to do this to myself every year.

So here's a peek. A herd of cowls (giggle):

They were fun and a great way to use up those random skeins of handspun that keep popping up all over the place. Also, they are a great way to try out lace patterns.

They are going over to my sister's house in Virginia, because she has a gaggle of gurls (5!).

I also cranked out a pair of camouflage socks in the blueberry waffle pattern for my brother. He requested them last summer and I made a mental note. I also sent some Dominican cigars because if you're wearing hunting socks, you probably would enjoy a cigar too.

Jerry helped me come up with the weird sock wrapper.

I actually needed it for a bunch of merino/possum hats and the Celtic Pep boys hat for the gang at work.

I am so done with knitting for others right now. But... I do have a hankering for starting a Sage Remedy sweater. Maybe it's a good time for some leisurely swatching.


Jen said...

You could carry a Sage Remedy top. I'd just look massively pregnant in one, although I love the look.

Like the new blog banner!

Jill L said...

Great gifts! I still have a gift OTN -- why did I wait until the last minute?!!!!

wooly daisy said...

what a great label!!!!! what an amazing stash of goodies you made! when do you start holiday knitting?

p.s i'd look way pregnant too-but you can pull it off for sure.