Monday, July 06, 2009

Concrete and a Green Tutu

Recently I saw a blog where a woman made these gorgeous stepping stones by casting concrete over rhubarb leaves. I was inspired to try some concrete casting of my own, but I wanted to start simple. I grabbed a girlie and went to Michael's, our local big box craft store because they usually have this sort of kit. I scored and found one for about $12 (they gave me their discount coupon price even tho I didn't have a coupon).

The process is rather simple. I used an old garbage pail to mix the powder with water until it looked like brownie batter. Excuse the fogginess of the photos, it was 95 degrees outside and the camera lens kept fogging on me.

Then you pour it into a mold and smooth out the surface.

After the mixture sets up a bit you can add beach glass and found objects to embellish. We also stamped the surface with names and added a paw and dog treat imprint. The waiting is definitely the hardest part. It has to cure inside in a regulated temperature so that it doesn't crack. I put it in the laundry room on a baking sheet so it wouldn't be disturbed by anyone.

Here is the end result. The coral looks a little funky (top center) but I bet it will get more exposed as it weathers.

I want to do some giant sunflower leaves from my Sunzilla sunflowers next week (thanks Wooly). They require more effort with sand supporting the leaf into shape. It will surely be a messy project, I can't wait!

I have been noticing that the birds have been chomping on my tomatoes and leaving gaping holes. I love having fights with small animals (like outsmarting squirrels and ants) so when Katherine suggested we cover the plants with a net, I was all over the idea. We picked up some green tutu tulle at the fabric store and shrouded the tomatoes. Take that, you birds!!!!

Wednesday I am heading up to New York to visit my parents. It is my mom's birthday and I haven't seen her and dad in four years. I plan to just hang and visit. The kids gave me a couple of shopping requests. The girls want me to go to a Sephora shop and get them glitter eyeliner (I was 14 once, I totally understand), and a bakery for some black and white cookies (I think they are a NY bakery standard) . They are totally delicious. They might be worth a gluten cheat.

I might stop at mom's local yarn shop for a skein of sock yarn for the Barn Raising Quilt. I am so close to finishing (183 squares-WOW!) but it might need a little Long Island thrown into the mix.

Jerry said I have to go out drinking with my brother John on Friday night. I guess I can't disappoint.

I will bring my camera and take lots of notes. Long Island is chock full of crazy. It's the land of Seinfeld, Baldwin brothers, Jessica Hahn, Amy Fisher, Billy Joel, Howard Stern, Joey Buttafucco and many more loons. Oy, this is going to be quite the trip. I'm sort of scared! Wish me luck. Laters!


wooly daisy said...

the stepping stone is totally awsesome- great job!

do the birds like your sunflower leaves? the finched here do they leave just the veins so the the leaves loo totally weird.

have a great time in long island!!!sounds like fun. wish i could join you-we could sure have fun!

did you ever see billy joel eating in an italian resturante?

magnusmog said...

Have a marvellous time!