Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day

We gave Jerry the Billy Mays Big City Slider Grill for Father's Day and he was delighted. The whole kitchen was a production area but the results were worth it. We tried them with German curry ketchup and they were quite yummy. By the way isn't this link to Ketchup World a hoot?

Stephanie wanted to learn to crochet. For her first project she wanted to make an afghan, like Katherine. She's a quick study.

Katherine has been making paper doll clothes with her Klutz book. She and her friend can hole up in her room for hours doing this. I should photograph the whole collection before they get ruined.

I have been wrestling with how to assemble this mountain of squares into a blanket (when they're done, that is). I am thinking of crocheting them together from the center outward. I am hoping for less cutting and knotting. This plan looks somewhat promising.

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wooly daisy said...

wow! go stephanie-wish i could crochet like that! yummy ketchup!!
hot as hell here-you too i'm sure!