Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Just a Bunch of Crazy

This is my living room ceiling. The air conditioner drip pipe was clogged by algae and it backed up. The secondary drip pan in the attic overflowed and started leaking. So the repair guys unclogged the pipe and now we have this giant stain on our ceiling. They sprayed some primer white on it (while still wet from the flood) and called it done. I am so glad this isn't my house.

This is a photo of my collection of bug bite balms and salves. I really like the Mexican sulphur soap. I am pretty bitten up. Nobody else has bites, just me. Last summer wasn't like this.

I got a little paranoid and tested some of the squares for color fastness. They are fast.

Katherine has become a crocheting wonder. She's making her own afghan.

I bought some more yarn for the Barn Raising blanket. The purple mist is from Madelainetosh. The hot pink is from Miss Babs, and is called Sinderella. The semi-solid black is from Babs too and is called Blackbird.  I have 133 squares as of today.  I still have to weave in the centers of a bunch of them, groan.

I did get a break on Saturday and went spinning with my friend, Joanne.  Joanne works with students that are blind.  She also does weiner dog rescue (really) and raises some alpacas.  I love when we escape from our regular crazy routines and get to relax and spin.

Here are my two latest spinning projects.  The top one is merino/tencel and the other is ramboulliet.  I think they'll become cowls or scarves when they mature.


magnusmog said...

Lots of busy-ness. Good luck with the bugs!

wooly daisy said...

too bad about your ceiling!!! are your bug products working?

you are so rocking on that quilt!!!!

i've been thinking of some cowls for my hanspun too- as i don't have a lot of yardage-

go katherine!!!!