Friday, May 29, 2009


One hundred squares done.  Here is a mockup of what 100 squares looks like.  I think it is still a little on the small size.  Maybe 12x14 will be big enough.  I want Jerry and Will to enjoy it too and they are both over six feet tall.  Forging onward.

I got my nifty cupholder the other day. I found it is also great for holding the television remote, or phone. I'm so loving it.

I test drove it with some California merlot and some merino/tencel roving yesterday. It spun like butter. I am even more thrilled that I successfully divided the roving in half and was only off by one gram. We'll see how accurate that is once plied up (my spinning isn't the most uniform).

Today we are sending Katherine off into the wild, well actually to Lost Maples Park for her first real backpacking trip. She's done tons of lazy camping but this is the first primitive experience. She even left her techno gadgets at home. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

And here is her latest creation. I only helped with embroidering the face and helping her count stitches. The next one is vanilla with chocolate frosting. Yum.


Jill L said...

Lots of cool stuff going on at your house! Love the squares!

wooly daisy said...

the amish thang is totally happening!!! how cool to back packing-is that thru girl scouts? gotta show rhodie your cup holder-she's gonna be jealous.

kaoticorchid said...

Holey moley that's a lot of squares! My head is spinning a bit at all of the squarage!

Also, my word verification thing is 'muratin'. How strange is that?

Mary Jane said...

100! Holy Mackrel, I completed one recently and thought I deserved a medal. A wee bit disheartening to learn that 100 won't cover a 6 footer...maybe I'll make a pillow cover!