Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Blob and the Aquarium

Last Friday we rented the Blob on Netflix. It used to be my favorite. I was trying to show the kids how bad and campy horror movies used to be. I love the movie poster with an arm reaching out of the it.

On Saturday I went with the Girl Scouts to the Texas State Aquarium. Here are some photos of the exhibits:


Sea urchins,

The cutest little sting rays,

The not so cute shark,

It was a fun outing. I even whipped out my sock knitting while waiting for a dolphin show. I have been wrestling with these socks for over a week. The problem: Blobby striping. I tried ripping out and repositioning the cast on by moving it over a couple of inches to try and shift the patterning at least twenty times (maybe more). The Blob factor was driving me totally batshit. I was about to give up when I had a revelation of sorts. What if I tried knitting from the other end of the skein, maybe it would shift the patterning and get rid of the Blob patterning. So I wound the skein all the way up and restarted from the other end like in this picture. You can see how it improved. Not super perfect, but enough that I won't have crazy sock angst every time I pull this pair out of the drawer. Who knew there was a simple solution? Doh!, like Homer.

Anyheck, have a weekend of awesomeness. See you later...............

P.S. Vaccinate, Vaccinate, Vaccinate. It won't cause autism. Enough said.

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Birdsong said...

I just heard the other night that you are getting to go to Stitches and camp out with my bestest buddies Steph and Rhodi... have a blast!