Friday, December 26, 2008

You Will be Visited by Three Ghosts....

Bah, Humbug!

Just kidding. Christmas was very low key and pleasant this year. We are in a smaller house and there were less presents and chaos than in previous years. But it was good.

Katherine loved her new bedding. I promise this is the last photo of that afghan I'll post. We now want to do something about that pink chair.

The kids got a Wii and we have all taken turns doing sports, cheerleading, samba dancing (my favorite-I look like such an A-hole doing this!), and fantasy stuff. It got everyone off their fannies and moving. I hope the interest lasts without becoming too obsessive, a fine line in this household.

Here is a photo of my haul. I got a bunch of pop culture reading. I am zipping through the Marcia Brady book. Who knew she was such a wild thang?!? And the gift card is for a Western wear store. Jerry is gifting me some Western boots, yeeha! When in Rome, I mean Texas. I don't know a thing about boot shopping, I've only worn heavy duty hikers and Sorrel snow boots. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I tried do do some mehendi on Solstice night, but my henna did not survive the move here. The tubes looked like they exploded in the summer heat and then crustified. I was so disappointed. I ordered some new stuff and hope to get it right. Tonight may be the night I succeed. Wish me luck, this stuff is tricky.

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wooly daisy said...

i'm sooo jealous you got the marcia brady book!!!! i so want to read it. let me know if it's worth the purchase!!!