Sunday, December 28, 2008

Inked and Dinked

The guys did another weekend RV trip to break up Will's vacation a little. This time they headed to El Paso. That left us girlies with a bunch of time on our hands to get crafty.

I have been trying to get my feet henna'd for a couple of weeks now. This seemed like a good time. So I poured a glass of Vintage Ink and got inspired.

Here's how they came out. Not too bad. I have a horrible time with sitting still, I am so squirrely at times. Then there is the time involved waiting for it to cure. I wrapped the feet in toilet paper and plastics grocery bags so I wouldn't ruin the sheets. It was a sight to behold. I woke up in the middle of the night to sweaty henna feet. There's got to be a better way. (please ignore the pedicure, it's really old)

My mom gave me a Target gift card, so I splurged and got this great set of colored markers and some printer ink.

We then got the Shrinky Dink plastic out and got coloring. I made a pair of Indian inspired earrings (to match those kooky feet!). The design came out of a Klutz book.

Katherine made some pendants. We read up on how to get a glass like finish with embossing powder. Of course we had to run out to Michael's (my love/hate big box store) and buy some. We picked out clear and faerie dust. There are now sparkles all around the base of my oven. But the results were a lot of fun.

Jerry and Will retuned last night just as we were finishing up our shrinking. Jerry found this piece of Mexican art at a gallery. It's painted on a hubcap! I love the look, it reminds me of an album cover. Cool huh?


wooly daisy said...

love the shrinky dinks! i loved them qs a kid. i didn't know they still made them. what fun. great hub cap too!

Joy aka Goddessjoy said...

I used to do Mehndi at festivals years ago, now I do it when I want to treat myself. The best way to keep it off the sheets is saran wrap and masking tape :)