Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy 2009

Happy New Year! We had a very mellow new year's eve at home with the kids (we never do the big party thing). I sat around and finished up two last projects of 2008. I am trying to knit down my stash to a more manageable level. I didn't buy much except for a binge at Stitches West and the Kid n Ewe Festival. I hope to be a smarter yarn/fiber shopper in 2009, though it will take some self control.

Here is the hat, hot off the needles. Made some handspun from Crown Mountain Farms corriedale pencil roving in the Merlin colorway. It is from the Palindrome pattern on Ravelry, and has reversible cables. I will make this one again.

Remember that pink lizard that moved into my garage? Here is a sparkly scarf that matches it perfectly. Katherine likes the disco fever of the angelina fibers, so it's hers.

I forgot to show you one of Jerry's favorite Christmas gifts. It is a little goofy, like him. One of Stephanie's hot topics of discussion is cartoons from our past. The more obscure, the better. We talk about things like Heckle and Jeckle, Baby Huey, Gigantor and Kimba the Whte Lion. Stephanie went online and found an image of Jerry's favorite Loony Toons character and printed it on photo paper. She then used her allowance to get a frame for it. Jerry loves it and is going to put it on his desk at work. I've never seen his office, but I am sure this photo will accent his decor!


faerielady said...

Totally love that hat.

magnusmog said...

happy new year, lovely hat :)