Saturday, December 20, 2008

Elf Werk

The boys went camping this weekend. It was a good distraction for Will. While the boys played, the soxy elves got to work. Here is a photo of Steph in her new kittyville hat from the Stitch and Bitch book. This is the first thing I knit for her that she is willing to wear.

The elves baked M&M cookies.

The crock made some spiced pecans with a pinch of cayenne. They were easy peasy and the house smelled so good.

We got the light box and shrink plastic out and made jewelry. This was fun and killed lots of time. There is so much graphic art stuff on the internet that it is almost boggling.

Here are the finished pieces:

Tomorrow, the sewing machine comes out.


wooly daisy said...

wish i had been there. looked like some fun gurl time. please send me the recipe for the spiced pecans!!!!

Lisa said... the shrinkydink jewelry. Its been ages since I played with that stuff. I think the Cabbage Patch (dating myself) ornaments my sister and I made were the last.