Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kid and Ewe Festival

The Kid and Ewe (and Llamas Too) fiber festival is held every year at the Kendall Fairgrounds in Boerne (pronounced Bernie), Texas.  We got up extra early on Saturday, loaded up the RV and headed to Boerne.  It was not the biggest festival but it  filled my fibery fix until Stitches West in late February.  

The best part was running into my spinning friends Emmelita, Gwen and Donna that came down from Oklahoma.  They didn't know we moved to Texas and it was fun to surprise them.   

We stayed at the Top of the Hill RV park in Boerne.

We usually let the boys stay in the cabin and girls get the RV, but this cabin was oozing with estrogen and I didn't want the guys to get their cooties all over it. I had to take photos immediately before we ruined the charming look.

Katherine loved the loft and claimed it hers, monkey girl.

Stephanie and I shared this king sized bed.  The best part was no musty cabin smell.  

So now I will show you the Kid and Ewe haul.  Shopping a fiber fest with kids definitely influences your purchases.   An example would be these Peruvian finger puppets.  I think the girls would have bought the whole lot if we let them.

They did a finger puppet theatre presentation during the drive back to Corpus Christi.

Katherine scored a small loom and some cute panda buttons.

And here's my stuff.  Some pinky/purply wool and tencel roving,  some hand dyed mohair locks from Emmelita's goats,  a sparkly batt of wool/mohair/angelina ,  and three skeins of Texas spun wool singles (one in turq, and the other undyed).  The colors and glitter are reflective of my girlies' tastes.  They had a blast and it's never too early to start growing a stash.

Will and the girls did great.  They want to return next year.  Good times.


wooly daisy said...

oh! i wish i could have been there. what fun. i'd move to texas in a heart beat if i could live in that cabin. the first picture has a gypsy wagon feel to it!!! love it!!!!

kaoticorchid said...

Sounds like you had a blast! So...are you coming up for Rendezvous next year if you are making it all the way out there to Stitches West, too? Hmmm??

Turbo: said...

I would've totally fought Monkey Girl for the loft. That cabin was the cutest, the sweetest, it was simply BEYOND!