Sunday, November 02, 2008

Stalking the Sunday Sale Roaster

I have been stalking the Sunday newspapers for an electric turkey roaster. Word on the street is that they start going on sale right before Thanksgiving and you can get one for a good price. Today was my lucky day. Walmart had a Rival 17 quart roaster for $22. I could dye a whole sheep or goat in that. Plus it has a thermostat, so you can control the heat better than in a crock pot. Score.

Here's a finished project. It is called Stor Rund Dug. Huh??? Whatever. It is a really fun knit. I am warming up to the idea of making doilies into kaleidoscopic afghans and throws. I am going to try the Hemlock ring in some big (worsted) yarn next.

Katherine claimed this one for her reading chair

Jerry found some educational word fun inside the bottle caps of Lone Star beer.

Can you see this? They have a rebus on each cap. It makes you want to go o a beer binge. Can you figure this out? It contains an arrow, a chicken and a canoe. Go figure.

Here are a couple of photos of my Special Olympic Bowlers. This was Stephanie's first time ever participating and she won a gold medal.

Will won a silver medal. Good work gang!

Edit: The answer to the bottle cap rebus is "Up the Lazy River".


wooly daisy said...

nice roaster!!! and love the Stor Rund Dug. too cool! the colors are awesome.

kaoticorchid said...

The shawl is gorgeous-I love all the colors! Go Will and Stephanie-bowling rocks!

wooly daisy said...

i was in kmart the other day and saw the roasters. they were on sale for like 37.00- i decided to wait. you got such a deal. can you steam in thtem too or do you just do more like kettle dying?

Turbo: said...

I have 3 letters for that afghan: O M G! That's fantabluous!!!!!

You've got a new fan!