Sunday, July 20, 2008

Welcome to Stepford

Well, not exactly. But there are some wifey wives around here. Jerry says it looks like a witness protection house, like the one in Goodfellas.

Woolydaisy asked if we were on the beach. And as you can see from this photo taken in our backyard that we are really close to the water. I will fill you in what it is like when the storms roll through.

And here is some knitting content. I started some purl free Monkey socks (designed originally by Cookie A.) in a Lisa Souza sock yarn called hard twist petite in a colorway called 'berry poppins'. Sorry about the crappy photo, I know where the iron is but was too busy with unpacking to steam block it. The yarn has a springy feel and slightly crepey texture to it. It says Superwash and I believe it this time, as the fibers are so tightly twisted that they would have a hard time untwisting and locking together to felt.

I did some spinning last week and I plan to take advantage of the sun and do a solar dye experiment as soon as I figure out where the dye powders are hiding.

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wooly daisy said...

hey gurl-i hear the storm is heading to texas-more south than you? will you get some of it? button down the hatches!!!! be safe!