Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Found It!

I took almost a year off from spinning and now I'm ready to kick it in gear. I think I was inspired by the recent Yarn Harlot photos. I'm starting out with some Louet BFL. I am definitely a little rusty and my plying is loosey goosey uneven. But I think with some practice I can get a little more uniform.

The last box in the garage had my dye bins in them. The box was labeled TV remotes so I never thought to look in it. TV remotes, my ass. That caused me days of worry, plus I was starting to believe that the moving men were a ring of fiber arts thieves preying on the unsuspecting. What a relief.

Since it is continuously sweltering here, I thought I would give the solar dye thing a whirl. And since the sailors' rhyme goes "Pink sky in morning, sailor take warning", I am trying some sky pink in honor of tropical storm Dolly. It's not supposed to hit us directly, though the base is handing out safety pamphlets and freaking my kids out with all the drama. Run Toto Run!!!!


Jill L said...

I am lad you ae finding all your "misplaced" items. Ahem... How did the solar dying turn out? Been real smoky in your old neck of the with all the fires....

wooly daisy said...

hey gurl- how's the unpacking? can't wait to see the yarn all done. please send me your new mailing address-thanks!