Sunday, July 13, 2008

Unpacking Hell

So this is what it likes like so far. This is the living room.

And the garage is looking rather stuffed.

Don't get me started about how they packed. They flung my craft room stuff into boxes so haphazardly that I am beside myself. I am afraid to see what the bead boxes look like. The packer guys said they couldn't just ship my rubbermaid totes as I had them. So they dumped and flung them until they were unrecognizable. Assholes! Oh and they broke the flyer on my Kiwi wheel. Even though I don't use it, I want my girls to learn on it, eventually. This house is smaller and has less closets than the Novato house, so we have been doing a lot of purging of stuff. So far we've made three trips to Goodwill and there will probably be more.


MaryAnne said...

You *totally* have my sympathy. I can *not* tell you how good it is to be retired and not have to face this again any time soon. (Of course, I don't want to tell you there are still boxes pretty much everywhere. LOL) I don't envy you.

Pippi said...

I can relate!
Except, I did all the packing on our end, so I only have myself to blame!

Good luck, may the force be with you.

wooly daisy said...

damn those mover guys-are they gonna get you a new flyer?