Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Here's How We Kept From Going Crazy(er)

While on our desert trek the girls kept themselves busy making lanyards, lots and lots of lanyards. I will have to talk to Stephanie about how less is more when it comes to embellishing her backpack. It kept them busy and we learned some new stitches.

I knitted up a pair of socks that Katherine dyed from the last Novato dye extravaganza when we were trying to use up all of the dye stocks.

I then plowed through a pair while hanging out in the empty house.


wooly daisy said...

awesome soxes!!!! and look at your new avitar-wow!!! are you living right by the beach?

kaoticorchid said...

I love your waving lace socks. The yarn is very pretty. You must use your beautiful socks to make a happy place where you can go so that the shock of unpacking the bead cases won't be so bad.

Oh, also, you should tell William that for my birthday I got Mario Kart and the 'New Super Mario' for my DS. Very fun.