Monday, July 07, 2008

Internet at the House, Yay!!!!

We finally have the ATT wireless hooked up in the house. Things are starting to look up. We still don't have the household goods and the kids haven't seen a television in almost a month, but that will all change in a couple of days. The Simpsons are are sorely missed and I want to see a King of the Hill episode to see how I compare to Peggy.

So I will attempt to catch up to where we are now in Corpus Christi. The last two campsites were not as exciting as the first few. In one we were stuck in a thunderstorm and the other one only had some token peacocks as novelties, though I really love peacocks, it doesn't beat a smash em up derby.

We arrived at Corpus and drove the RV up to the school administration offices before even checking into the base. They enrolled Will and Stephanie into the summer ESY program which was great because they needed some structure and order after this road trip/move. Thank you school peeps, you are the best!

Once we got onto the base we had an RV site on the beach and a bedroom in the Navy Lodge.  The beach is quite nice but the heat is still a little hard to handle.  We hide out in the house like mole people until 5:00 pm .  We did a lot of cooking on this Cuisinart panini maker.  I usually scoff at kitchen gadgets that take up counter space, but it was great for outdoor cooking.

The sunsets were tres fab.  I have to post this one, it almost looks fake.

Here are a couple of shots of the girlies beachcombing.

I think they're going to like it here.

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wooly daisy said...

hooray for internet and a house!!! i totally love king of the hill- -gawd it cracks me up!!!!