Thursday, July 03, 2008

Van Horn

Van Horn in West Texas was a fun stop. I saw a road runner.

Later we found a giant fiberglass one, suitable for Christmas cards.

The owners of the campground had a pet emu.

They also dabbled in other things, like horses,

False front Western scenery,

A smack 'em up auto derby action in their back lot,

And not far away,  a "drive through" liquor store.

I think Jerry would have moved to Van Horn if I let him.  Tomorrow I will finish up the road trip.


wooly daisy said...

i expect one of those xmas cards!!!!!

when i lived in new mexico-there were drive thru liquor stores-gotta love 'em!!! they even opened bottles for you-sshhh-don't tell anyone!

wooly daisy said...

i forgot to say-our stores looked more like fast food drive thrus or drive thru banks-ha!

kaoticorchid said...

Road runners are cool. The giant one is priceless! I like the name of the liquor store, too.

wooly daisy said...

i'm impatiently waiting for the next installment-you are my t.v.-ha!