Sunday, May 18, 2008

Special Olympics, Part Two

Will had a Special Olympics meet at the College of Marin, Kentfield campus on Saturday. The first thing they did was release 100 doves. I think one may have crapped on my hat because when I checked myself in the restroom mirror I noticed bird poop. Here I was sitting and hanging with Will's helpers (some high school seniors) thinking I am cool and they like me. Meanwhile they were probably giving each other secret signals and gestures about my bird poop hat. Maybe there was a bet going on for how long it would take me to notice. The humility.

They had John Bowie of the Oakland Raiders as a guest speaker.

Will was in two running events and a ball throwing event.

Here's Will getting a medal. He could hardly contain himself here.

He ended up getting two golds and a silver medal. And we both survived the sun. We're so proud of him.


wooly daisy said...

go will go!!!!!!!!how awesome!! i hope you guys can find these kinds of cool things in texas.

kaoticorchid said...

Yay Will! Congratulations!

Also, I'm sure the bird poop hat was not nearly as bad as you imagine it was. Perhaps they weren't giving each other signals about it, perhaps they were just being polite and not wanting to seem rude by pointing it out? Either way, at least it wasn't there the whole time!

Jill L said...

If I were there, I would have told you to get the darn pop off your hat! Sheesh!

Congrats to Will for the medals!