Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Homeless No More

We were told that we will be able to live in base housing at the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station  so we don't have to worry about buying or renting a house anymore.  Sigh of relief!  Get out your Village People LP and play "In the Navy" to celebrate.  Now somebody else can deal with the gopher village on this front lawn.  

While Jerry was away, I was a knitting fool. It was one of my stress busting activities, as was the bucket of frozen margaritas.  I completed the Retro Rib socks.  It was an easy to memorize pattern and they feel nice and cushy.  Also they are machine washable, so I will test out their laundering properties this week.

I then cast on this peppy colorway of laceweight yarn for a scarf because my brain couldn't handle socks this week.  I first tried this old shale pattern:

But it looked too much like a Charlie Brown sweater.  I then found this ripple lace pattern which gives the zig zag interest in a more subtle way.  It is an addictive project because I keep wanting to go forward to see what the next color change is going to look like.  Very easily amused.

Here is a peek at my RV knitting kit.  No, I am not trying to knit all of that during the road trip, Sillies!  I just want to keep it close by.  There are lots of secret compartments in the RV so I think I'll be set.


wooly daisy said...

god gurl-i'm gonna miss you! not that we got to hang out but once!!! but you will seem so far away-you have to come to stitches next year!!!i;m so glad you got some housing-it's a bitch. i love the village people- i tell my family -we understand each other-we are from the same mold, era, mental path,-what ever- i mean- you watched(i'm sure) the courtship of eddy's father and rockford files-you get me.- not many people do-thanks soxy!!!! good luck on your adventure-and keep me posted!!!!!

kaoticorchid said...

Aww! A Charlie Brown scarf would have been fun! When do you leave to go to Corpus? I hope that it is a good trip!

Aubrey said...

Um, dear? What is that enticing looking book with the lacy cover????????????????? And don't forget to visit on your way through... Hugs, Aubrey