Monday, June 02, 2008

Mount Diablo

Warning:  This is a photo heavy blog post.

The Girl Scout troop had a campout at Mount Diablo last Saturday. This was my last big event with the girls (remember closure?). Jerry still has to take Will on a ferry ride event with the Easter Seals gang. The ride up was breath taking and we loved all of the cloud action.

From the summit you could see for miles. Here is a view of a quarry. Okay, I'll say it, "Yabba Dabba Doo!" I couldn't help myself.

Katherine tried her hand at cooking on a gas stove. They made taco salad and peach cobbler for dinner. It was tasty. There were a bunch of raccoons trying to find scraps all night long. Not so cute in the night time. Someone stored our trash in their car so we wouldn't awaken to a huge garbage fest.

The girls' tent had a ventilation window that was great for photos.

The girls made sit upon sandwiches for Sunday's lunch.

On Sunday we went on a hike to a formation called Rock City. I was over the top beside myself because it reminded me of Planet of the Apes. Just imagine Charlton Heston fighting with Dr. Zeus here. It was too cool!

Here is Kath in one of the smaller hidey holes.

Check this out, Jesus was there. And he had no problem with carving his name into the sandstone.

We did have a mom with us that was a geologist (I dubbed her the rockstar-so original). She led the girls on a hike that had some terrific fossils. We were up over 1000 feet and we were finding seashell fossils. Amazing changes in the earth.

I didn't think I would do any of the hiking so I left my steel toe hiking boots at home. Big mistake. My toes are all bruised and blistered from wearing sneakers. Lesson learned. What was I thinking?

Here s a photo of me at Rock City with my scarf project. I only did about four rows. But my knitting goes everywhere.

Okay, back to reality. the packers are showing up next Monday, enough dilly dallying. Jeez!

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Jill L said...

great photos --lookslike everyone had a great time. Scarf is coming along.......pretty colors