Friday, May 16, 2008

Pre-move Stress

In my previous post I said that, I bet Katherine will demand I take her to Japantown, SF. So that's what we did last Saturday. We had these delicious crepes (vanilla bean ice cream, bananas and chocolate syrup) at Sophie's Crepes. It was a gluten cheat and it was yummy. It was kind of a pre-Mother's Day thing.

Jerry left on Sunday for a two week training school in Yorktown, Virginia to prepare for his new job. I have been sorting,cleaning and purging stuff (which is really not my style). I am trying not to let the stress of this move get to me. Too late, it already has!

I have been late night knitting. I keep seeing the Transformers logo in these socks like a subliminal message. Do you see it ?

The socks are now done but I sort of hate the abrupt color changes. I had to do some splicing to avoid an ugly Krytonite green, but the results are still a little on the fugly side. I think I hate the Jojoland yarn. But I do love the Cookie pattern.

I started some easy peasy Retro Rib socks to do some mindless knitting this weekend. Will has Special Olympics track and field events. I will be in the bleachers knitting away while avoiding sunburn. Wish Will luck!


wooly daisy said...

hey gurl-hang in there-moving is a bitch!i'm thinking about ya. pretty soon your new adventure will begin-knitting sure helps in times of stress-i love the colorway of the retro rib socks!!!! sending stress free vibes your way!

Sharon said...

Yeah, I'm kinda there with Lorna's Laces yarns too - the colors puddle and make me cranky with my work. You're right - the sock pattern itself works.

kaoticorchid said...

I like the jojoland socks! I think they're nifty-looking. I bet even with the kryptonite green they would have looked fine. Surely there's a reason why everyone likes that sort of noro-esque-strange-color-tossed-in look.

I hope that the moving preparations are coming along smoothly!