Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Did it for Johnny

Yesterday, Jerry went to an Irish pub in San Francisco with an old friend. He brought home some shepherd's pie for me. I seized the moment and did what any Tim Burton fan should do. I ate the pie and watched Sweeney Todd. Good God, what a freaky experience. Very bloody movie. Dinner stayed down. Not my best idea.

Good work Johnny.

Moving on to another topic. I think i got the sleeve length right. I'm ready to machine sew and cut the sleeves apart. I think it's gonna work!

Here's the best idea of the week. My ebay and garage sales went so well I decided to do something nice for myself. I went to Lenscrafters for an eye exam (it's been about five years). And the I had some cool shades made up. Prescription polarized lenses are great. I have been squinting around all this time and now I can drive and chase loose kids squint free. So this is what prescription sunglasses is all about.

P.S. to Jill , Yes that was the Santa Rosa campus for the Special Olympics. Next event is track and field in May at the College of Marin. Will wants to do long jump. Actually he does a lot of jumping all of the time. This may get him a medal!

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kaoticorchid said...

Yay for sunglasses! They look good on you. :) I'm hurting for a pair of good sunglasses myself. Was Sweeney Todd very good? My Mom didn't like it, so even though I like Johnny Depp, I've been waiting until I can see if for free.