Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Special Olympics

Last week, during Spring Break Will got to participate in the Special Olympics for basketball. Here are some photos of him, in action:

He had a height advantage over this group:

Here he was too tired or bored to pose for the team photo. That's him in the lower left corner. The problem with the Special Olympics is that there is way too much waiting around for their team's scheduled games. A guy like Will does not do well with waiting. I give him extra points just for lasting the day without a meltdown.

Here's an update on the Kauni/Darla/Hula cardigan. The sleeves are growing, but the progress is slow. Having the gang home for Spring Break slowed things down a bit. This week I'll speed things up.


Jill L said...

Looks like fun -- was that up at the Junior College in Santa Rosa?

Your sweater is coming along fabulously!

wooly daisy said...

that's awesome-glad will gets to play basketball-i love basketball-only i don't have a height advantage.

hula cardigan looking swell!! maybe you could get a nice prarie skirt to go with it!!!!