Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Almost Done

Enough of that shepherd's pie photo already, feast your eyes on this! The Kauni is so close to done. I just have to research how to make a corrugated rib button band with buttonholes. My least favorite task of all in knitting. I better research this on Athena and Ravelry. And maybe say some sort of prayer that includes button bands.

I promised the girls one last pajama party before the move and we did that on Saturday night while the guys camped at the Travis Air Force base. There was pizza, junk food, movies, X Box, texting boys (who they swore were 'just friends'), YouTube, Dance Dance Revolution, yada, yada, yada. A couple of girls did all nighters. It was exhausting to watch and I am still recovering.

Gotta go hang out at the bowling ally with Will next. It never ends. Bye!


wooly daisy said...

you're' such a good mom! and zee svetter is gorgeeous!!!!!!!!

Sharon said...

Great sweater. Thanks for the lesson - I didn't know you could condo-knit sleeves. It's still scary but does need to be explored.

Jill L said...

That is really coming along! It really is beautiful!