Saturday, May 03, 2008


We are trying to cram all sorts of activities into this last month so that our children have the greatest memories of living in the Bay area. Of course, each child has a different idea of what fun is, so this weekend we divide and conquer. Katherine was the easy one. She is at a Girl Scout camporee at Camp Bothin (which I understand was once a tuberculosis ward). She is an ANT (aid in training) helping out the junior scouts.

William had a different plan. One of Will's areas of specialty is trains and other methods of mass transportation. He got Jerry to drive to Sacramento to ride the light rail system. Jerry was tolerant of this event and rewarded himself and Will to a lunch at a brewpub in the area. Not a bad tradeoff.

Now Steph had a totally different agenda. She was feeling a little left out of the Girl Scout event and I had volunteered to take her to Japantown to make things right with her. I knew we would have a fun day when we ran into this giant Totoro in the parking garage. I couldn't help but yell at it and it posed for me.

When we got to the ground level we found out it was Children's Day, a Japanese holiday celebrating children. We spotted Sailor Moon and she agreed to pose with Steph. She loves this photo!

The rest of my photos are "lost in translation" weird. Here is a menu that caught my eye.

And here is a popular toilet. I saw it displayed in several shops. Look on the side- there are electronic buttons. Jerry said he hopes none of them are reverse. DOH!

Here is a shot of my goodies. Most of it is cardboard organizers for all of my knitting mags. There are also some sheepy push pins and clips. You can never have enough sheep stuff. That rectangular thing in the lower right is a bento box, a multi layered Japanese lunch box. I'm very excited about trying that out. I have a feeling that when Kath returns tomorrow, she will demand we go back one more time for her. Cool, that means more rice crackers and pocky!. Gotta go rest now. Laters.

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