Sunday, February 03, 2008

More Rain

   This week was full of more rain.  The ground is super saturated and my basement stream is just beginning to subside.  I found out a few of my neighbors have basement water issues and it comes with the territory.  The CG housing office will give you pallets to raise your valuables.

  It was great weather for staying in and watching movies.  Last night we watched Ghandi.  I loved it, though it was a bit long.  It made me want to get my spinning wheel out.  After the kids went to bed, we watched the grand finale episode of the Sopranos.  It wasn't as inspiring as Ghandi.

     The girls decided this week that is time to retire their doll house.  We bought the doll house when they were four. Every birthday or gifting occasion,  we would give them a furniture set or another group of people to add to it.  It has grown to a three level house with people, animals, a gazebo, and a horse barn.  Some amazing stories came from the doll house:  there was a cat named Sophie that could play the piano,  the grandmother got attacked by the grandfather clock,  a bunch of pandas moved into the basement level,  and  a family of Japanese people moved into the barn loft and a homeless man slept in the gazebo with newspapers over his face.  It was a busy place.  I now have to find bins to store it and all of the memories. This one is too short. 

     Of knitting content, I completed my Hedera socks.  I love their laciness.

      I then started on a scarf out of some ridiculously fine silk/angora yarn that I bought a few years ago from Galena K of Skaska designs.  I dyed it a sky blue.  I was going to make this for the gift pile I build up over the year but Katherine has been eyeballing it and dropping hints.  I decided to double up the yarn and knit a variation of the old shale pattern (easy to memorize).  The angora gives a delicate halo effect and the scarf will be double plus smooshy, how could I deny Katherine a smooshy scarf?  My only answer to that is sweaty Corpus Christi- I will remind her of that.

     Lastly here is a photo that I took of an orchid shop.  That's for you Cassa!


kaoticorchid said...

Wow, the story about the doll-house was hilarious! The socks look fabulous, and I dig the scarf-in-progress.

Also, I feel so loved-the orchids are pretty, pretty, pretty! I think they are cymbidiums, perhaps? Quite lovely.

wooly daisy said...

i'll try posting again and see if it works this time. what i said was: i love the stories and you should type them up and stick them in the box with the house -you think you're gonna remember them-but the years erase unfortunately-i wish i had written more things down. and hese stories are awesome and need to be remembered!!!!!! can't wait for stitches!!!!