Friday, February 15, 2008


     I started this hoodie last week with the plan of wearing it to Stitches.  Was I serious?  I spent about a gazillion hours just trying to get the gauge which is still a little bit sketchy.  I am plodding onward even though it should probably hit the trash heap.  The wool is a tad on the rough side and I am counting on the blocking on saving this project.

      I am laughing in this photo because I look like one of the mole people or zombies from that old horror movie Omega Man.  Daughter Steph screamed at me every time the hood was worn, so I know there are big issues with this sweater.  Still like an ass, I knit onward.  Go ahead, laugh.  I just can't stop from continuing. It is some sort of  twisted obsession. 

     The vulture population has grown.  I counted at least ten in the tree that morning on the way to the bus stop.  Creepy.
     Oh yeah, I haven't even looked at my Stitches West homework assignments.  I better get cracking!

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