Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Off to the Fair!

Tomorrow morning, I head to Santa Clara for Stitches West convention. It is one of the most fibery, yarny most fabulous conferences ever. I am taking classes and shopping my brains out over the next few days. I plan to enhance my stash, because the pickings are sorta slim where we are moving to next.  At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it! I hope to meet up with my cyber world friend, Woolydaisy, who is quite talented and funny. 
I completed my Omega Man hoodie in the nick of time.  I knew I could pull it off.  Now I can wear it there and shop for some pewter clasps for the front.  I am still sitting on the fence about front pockets.    
The back has a celtic knot design, similar to a lower back tattoo.  I  love Celtic knotwork!
I better go fold, pack, explain meds, write lists and tackle that looming homework that I've been avoiding.  Later dudes.


wooly daisy said...

hi sue-wow you finished it!!! it's gorgeous!! can't wait-see you friday!!!

kaoticorchid said...

Pretty pretty! Much better finished than not (and I love the color in the sunlight). Be thinking about me as you roam the aisles of yarn at Stitches West. I fear I shall have to be there with you in spirit. :)