Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Winery Daze

Sunday , My neighbor Jolie, her aunt and I went up to Healdsburg to visit some wine tasting rooms. It was one of those quaint little towns geared to the winery crowds. We visited Kendall Jackson first which was nice but a little pricey. Then we needed lunch so we ate at the Bear Republic Brew Pub. We ate some lunch so we wouldn't get too wasted from tasting wines (no microbrews for me, I'm gluten free- except for an occaisional cheat). After lunch we walked around looked in the shops, bought a couple of bottles from Selby Winery, and tasted some more! We then drove to the Geyser Peak Winery and you guessed it, tasted some more. I was glad Jolie was the driver. I enjoyed my buzz all afternoon. It's a great way to entertain out of town guests. So if anyone shows up here, that's what we're doing.

Here's the progress on the MS3. I didn't make any mistakes, even though I did some post wine knitting. I like this design, the crystal aurora borealis beads aren't showing up in my photos. But they sparkle subtly in real life. They are placed as little accents and they add a nice amount of weight to the stole (not too heavy, no overkill). Great planning Melanie!

Here's something I did for fun a couple of weeks ago. I ordered some cards online. It's a program where you can use their designs or upload your own photos (I had a little trouble with this so I selected one of theirs). I fiddled around with layout, fonts, and colors to end up with these blog cards. Instead of writing down this info to friends, yarn shop folks or people at events (like Stitches) I can now pull a card out of my kntting bag. Not bad for $10. Ignore the smudges, my fault.

Tomorrow I take Will to the develomental pediatrician. He's grown alot since his last visit in April-a whopping 22.5 lbs! Teens and their growth spurts, sheesh.


kaoticorchid said...

Wow, how cool! I'm trying to finish my Le Tour de Fleece before I start on the stole, so hopefully I'll be able to catch up! I've thought about trying to make my own cards for my blog...just haven't had the time. Maybe it would be easier to have someone else do it, what a great idea Sue!

wooly daisy said...

sounds like you had fun! do you like beer? i just saw beer made from sorgum(?) at the natural food store-does sorghum have gluten? i would be real bummed if i could not drink beer-it's my drug of choice.

wooly daisy said...

p.s. i love your cards-what site did you use? i'm still making mine by hand and i have horrid handwriting.