Sunday, July 22, 2007

Felting and Bottles

Well.... after all that wine tasting last week I decided to make wine bottle covers. You know those cutesy things that keep the bottles from clanking around and smashing while travelling. This green one was my first try. It was a little short in height. Maybe it can be my Colt 45 malt liquor carrier-just kidding!

This one came out better. I used some Noro yarn that had silk, wool and nylon in it. It had enough wool content to just barely felt. It also had a nice halo effect. I just cut some slashes into the felted piece and gave it an i-cord drawstring. I will make a couple of these for Christmas this year.

Wooly Daisy gave me some info on gluten free beer made with sorghum. So I sampled these two which were pretty good. Thanks Wooly.

We rented Factory Girl last night. It's all about Andy Warhol's Factory, the artwork, the movies, his muse Edie Sedgewick. There was a lot of nudity and drug references, be warned. I told my mom she can't watch it.

I also did some dyeing today. These knitted sock blanks were soaking in a prep solution (water, vinegar, a dash of dish soap) for about two weeks. I was aiming for muted mermaid colors.

Jerry goes to NY this week to visit his dad. I'm home alone with my tribe. Wish me luck!


wooly daisy said...

wow, what gorgeous mermaid colors-what will you be doing with the blanks? socks? glad you found the beer-life without beer sucks-the world according to woolydaisy-ha! well, i found factory gurl on netflix-i am so out of touch here in the hills i had no idea this movie even came out!!!shame on me.
good luck without the popster this week. breathe!!!!

kaoticorchid said...

Totally dig the booze bags! I made one following the pattern from Knitty awhile back, and it was an absolute blast! I don't have many friends who are really into wine, but if I did I would SO make another one! The sock blanks are way cool, too. I bask in your dye-ing glory!