Saturday, July 14, 2007

Pomatomus Is Frogged

I ran into some issues with the Pomatomus sock that led me to the frog pond. The gauge was okay for the cuff. But the gauge got big and weird and way too loose for my bony heels. Rather than rework the sock I realized that I am way too consumed with the MS3 to focus on two complex patterns at once. I will let that yarn sit and ferment for a while. Sorry Cassa, I'll make it up to you later.

Here is a photo of my beginning of the MS3. This is half of clue #1. Clue #3 is already posted, so I guess I will work on catching up this week. I am really enjoying the lace, it's addictive.

I put out the hummingbird feeders this week. The hummingbirds are so cute. Even when they are fighting with each other they're cute. One of the feeders mysteriously emptied out two nights in a row. I have a feeling it's a thirsty raccoon hitting the bottle. We may have to relocate it and outsmart the varmints (fighting with small critters-the story of my life).

Tomorrow I am going to some wineries with my neighbor (Kirby's humans). I haven't done the wine tasting thing yet. I hope I swirl, sniff and swig properly. Wish me luck !

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