Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Testing...One , Two

Here is a test swatch for the Mystery Stole Three also known as MS3 to the hip and savvy (and geeky!). I think this is as loose and drapey as I want to go. I am using a size 1 needle which is a little big for me. I normally use 000 when knitting laceweight, so this is a change. There are some beads on the sides. I was practicing the technique for sliding beads onto the knitting loops (and I had to use a piece of wire because I don't have a crochet hook with a tiny head that fits size 8 seed beads.

I also got the cuff done on the Pomatomus. I will work on the sock heel while I wait for my beads to show up. I know I am late, and I am not too worried about it.

Today is our last day of dog sitting. It was fun while it lasted but I am glad to be finished with extra responsibilities. We have enough chaos going on. Later guys!

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kaoticorchid said...

I feel so far behind! I haven't even made my gauge swatch yet and just bought my beads yesterday. Ahhhh! The sock is looking great!