Monday, June 11, 2007

Mount Shasta

We arrived at Mount Shasta City early Saturday afternoon. The mountain was half covered with clouds and/or fog -so the photos of it were kind of lame. Still, I like seeing snowy peaks in the summer - it reminds me of our years in Alaska.

Our RV was parked next to this group of guys. They were so well behaved and tolerant of our kids. They were trained do agility trials (Bummer, I thought we parked next to a shepherd with free fleeces).

Then we walked to town and spotted this person. Nice hat, wrong country.

Jerry has a keen eye for retro and kitsch. He spotted a huge display of antique decanters and bottles. It went around the perimeter of the store.

This chocolate bar was gorgeous and delish.

On the way home we saw these houseboats.

And a view of Shasta Lake. The scenery was spectacular.

Since this was quite a drive I started a new pair of socks. The yarn is fingering weight Socks That Rock from the folks at Blue Moon. The colorway is called Chapman Springs. The pattern is a variation of a variation that Betsy Mc Carthy taught in a class for self striping yarns. The way it is looking now reminds me of some sort of middle earth map. I'm kind of liking it. Cheers!

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