Friday, June 08, 2007

Met the Harlot in Petaluma

It was a crazy week for us. With the kids becoming teenagers and almost teenagers comes the growth spurts that make their medications less effective. There were some tantrums and power struggles that just about pushed me over the edge. I will not even go into the details of the Girl Scout pool party where I had to jump into the pool fully clothed (Hi Jan!). But by Thursday night I knew I had to do something for myself. So I called up the bookstore where Stephanie, aka The Yarn Harlot was going to speak and sign books and reserved a seat.

Knitting events are really strange regarding clothing. It was at least 75-80 degrees in the bookstore, but knitters love a chance to show their stuff. And it was all gorgeous. Mohair lace shawls, shrugs, wraps, ponchos, you name it they wore it (with pride). I love when people aren't shy about their creations.

The bookstore was packed:

And then, there was a ridiculously long line for signage. I was really goofy and punchy by the time I got up to Stephanie. She seemed a little punchy too. But I did get her and her travelling sock to pose with my gnome supermodel. Yes, it was silly. But it completed a wonderful night of knitter fellowship. Also, I got to sit with some very nice knitter folk, Linda V., Kelly and her man, and another lovely woman whose name escapes me. Knitters are so friendly wherever they go (except for the chair reservers/line cutters who will get theirs in another life-there, I had to vent!) !

Tomorrow, We're off to Mount Shasta for an overnight camping trip. A change of scenery will do us all well. Laters!!!!!!!!


Linda V. said...

Hey, Soxchik, I found your blog! Glad to see the pix of the gnome. And the shots of the gorgeous socks you were knitting on last night so that I can show my knitting posse what I was talking about re your dyeing technique. Great to meet you--now I have yet another blogger to stalk! Maybe someday I'll figure out those darned digital camera thingamajigies and start a blog of my own . . .

wooly daisy said...

hiya! glad to got to see the harlot-i bet it was fun and sure glad she got to meet that awesome super model of yours!