Monday, June 04, 2007

Gone Tonal

This post is neutral in color. Very beige and brown. Going with the Nature Monday theme, here are the twins that come around every day or so.

So sweet.....

So I decided to do a monochromatic tonal dye exercise. Here's how the sock blanks came out:

One of the supermodels with the sock in progress:

I kind of rushed through this first sock because I was nervous about having enough yarn. If I didn't, my backup plan was to make these as pedicure socks (with open toes to show off the pedicure). I still may make a pair of toeless socks down the road.

To ruin the tonal theme, here is my first bell pepper. Yay!!!!!!! It's not very bell like (kind of a mutant) but it will do.

1 comment :

FaerieLady said...

Beautiful tonal exercise... I would have tried to steal the blank...