Tuesday, June 26, 2007


We're done sitting Kirby. It was a good gig, but neighbor Mike is back home and they need to bond. On a good note, Stephanie is becoming more comfortable with dogs. She's come a long way, though she is still hesitant.

The baby cardigan is complete. I like the results. I had the hardest time getting the buttonhole placement correct. Plus it took about twenty tries to sew the buttons on so that they aren't pulling left or right. There must be a class somewhere on this topic. Or better yet, I should stick to pullovers. I will now get going on a matching hat.

The Earth boxes are finally cranking out tomatoes and peppers. Hooray produce !!! All hail the Earth boxes.


wooly daisy said...

hi soxy-the sweater is gorgeous and so are the peppers and tomato!!!!yipee!

kaoticorchid said...

Wow, what awesome tomatoes and peppers! The sweater is soo cute, and it's good to hear that Stephanie is getting better with dogs!