Friday, June 22, 2007

Mad Dog

I believe Kirby could have given Marley a run for his money. He is one needy dog. He wants in, he wants out. He left a big hairy 'present' on the kitchen floor yesterday morning. He has been itching continuously. He also has been licking his fur off, hence the hairy present. He has heavy heaving breathing like an emphysema patient.

This morning he tried to eat this baby bird:

But he is so lovable and funny when he isn't being needy.

Next topic, I finished the sleeves in a marathon with margaritas last night (it was solstice yesterday).

All of the pieces look right. Now for my least favorite thing in the world...... finishing. I still have a one armed alpaca cardigan sitting on my desk. It is too hot to look at alpaca these days. I need to go buy buttons.... laters!

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