Monday, May 07, 2007

Driving Me Batty

My girls keep playing this silly French video and it is driving me up a wall !

No knitting content today, I am still plodding away on the blue fleece artist broccoli edged socks.

Later !


kaoticorchid said...

How cute! I love it! I shall go around singing it at work tomorrow. Can't wait to see the finished socks!

wooly daisy said...

love your blog! next time we go to bay area-i definitly need to check out japan town!

wooly daisy said...

hi, thanx for checking out my blog-i love david sedaris too!!! especially the dvd's. do you have chickens? i have a quik question for you-how do you put a youtube on your blog-i seem to be having trouble. thanx! love your sox!where did you find the pattern for the feather and fan cuff? mr. sock gnome is too cute! have a great day!!!

soxchik said...
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