Friday, May 11, 2007

The Fortress of Solitude

Yes, Jerry thinks he is like Superman. He put an air conditioner in the bedroom a couple of days ago, calling the bedroom his fortress of solitude. Now he is enjoying hiding and chilling there, away from the kids, other humans, noise , and oh yeah, me.

The blue broccoli top socks are done. I absolutely love the color. But the hand of this yarn is a little dry. Almost like mercerized cotton. And it isn't as stretchy (sproingy?) as Koigu or the Socks That Rock yarns. But did I tell you I love the color! We'll see after washing if they change for the better.

The lovely duo of Mason-Dixon Knitting have gotten to me. I never knew I needed to knit my own rug. But the book tempted me. So I dug through the bins knowing that there were two bags of this pink and purply cotton. I think I was planning a baby blanket about 14 years ago and then backed out thinking that a baby would get dizzy and sick from the loud colors.

This is big knitting on big needles. I am using four strands together for a super chunky plus kitchen floor rug. It's just basic garter stitch but it is going really fast, see. Maybe those Mason-Dixon babes know what they are doing.

Tomorrow I am walking over the Golden Gate Bridge with the Girl Scouts. It some sort of rite of passage thing from Juniors into Cadets. I get to go in case Steph gets anxious. Like I would know what to do if someone has a panic attack in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge! I'll just take photos : ) Later !

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kaoticorchid said...

Yes, yes. It is very slow with the MDK corruption. Welcome to this side of the camp! We missed you at Rendezvous! :(