Monday, April 02, 2007

Total Eye Candy Campout

This is a photo-heavy post, be warned.

So, the first thing we get to see are all of these wineries. They are one after the other and it is just row after row of these vines. We didn't stop to sample, but I plan to one day.

We turned off the freeway and drove through the Navarro Redwood Forest (I kept thinking Dave). Jerry was playing some Pink Floyd CD and the experience was rather trippy -good choice, Jerry. The trees were pretty spectacular and they weren't even the Giant Redwoods you hear about.

Then we turned onto the Pacific Coast Highway. It was tough driving for the mobile knitting unit. More than once Jerry stated that he was glad he didn't buy anything bigger. There were too many hairpin turns.

The ocean was kind of rough and rocky. Nobody was beachcombing, although there were a couple of guys at our camp that were abalone diving.

We had to walk quite a bit from the camp to the beach. We had to pass a totally awesome cow pasture. Check out the cool signage -Man!

It was great to see that my girlies are still best friends.

They found this super secret tree tunnel.

At night we did a campfire and ate cheese and bacon paninis. Delish! A great day in all.

On the trip back home, Jerry spotted this sign. I don't want to tell you how many hydroponic stores we counted.

We also stop at this pottery shop.

Shabby on the outside, spectacular pieces on the inside. Of course we came home with some wares.

We arrived home, did some unpacking and then Katherine got to work on her math project. She had to duplicate a household object in 1/12 scale using millimeters. Sheesh!!! Parents were allowed to help. And this is what we did :

What a pain in the fanny. And who knew that Wallace was such a party animal.

What a weekend. By the way, no knitting content - for shame!!!!!!!!!!

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kaoticorchid said...

Wow, looks like you guys had quite an adventure! That's an awesome air-hockey table!