Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

We had a very low key Easter here in Novato. Jerry cleaned and waxed the mobile knitting unit. I gave Katherine and Stephanie haircuts. I also hung out in the yard and put some more plants in the raised beds. I will do a garden post when the plants are all situated. Things are still a little on the scrappy side. I want to have a few vegetables, kitchen herbs and carefree flowers (in a purple, blue or white theme). It'll look good, just you wait.

I also found a new job for the garden gnome -sock model extraordinaire! He's great at it, isn't he? This is a sock pattern called Retro Rib by Evelyn Clark. I am using the STR light in a colorway called "lemongrass". I have a feeling that Evelyn Clark never imagined her sock pattern would be done up this loud. I kind of like it. I have a fleece (pullover kind) that matches it in all it's fluorescent splendor.

Have a great Easter. Go easy on the Peeps! Love Sue and the gang.

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kaoticorchid said...

Ha! That's awesome Sue! I love the new gnome hat! Can't wait to see your garden, I've been busy over here trying to protect my garden from this last week's frost.