Friday, March 30, 2007

My One Armed Wonder

So here is the progress on my alpaca cardigan. I still have not made the second sleeve. Since I am sort of designing on the fly, I thought I would make sure this sleeve cap fits into the armscye (sp?) before I crank out the second one. It fits fine. And you are lucky this computer does not have a peek into the underside feature. Because if you saw how many loose ends were hanging around the inside it would make you gag. On my honor, I will try to make a gallant effort at finishing the inside so that there are no nasty ends to haunt me later on in my knitting life. There- you have it in writing!

Now just for fun, here is a photo of my neighbor, Captain Lloyd's goofy goldens, Cait and Maddie. My son calls them over to our house whenever he sees them, and now they are over all of the time. I've even found them in Will's bed. They seem to be extra patient with Will and do not complain when he hugs or squeezes them. We will be pet sitting them for a week in the summer while they go on vacation (which translates to Sue will be doing a lot of late night and early morning dog walks). Sigh. A labor of love. It will be good for the kids.

Tomorrow we are doing an overnight in the RV (mobile knitting unit) at Manchester Beach in Mendocino County. It is near the Redwoods which I have yet to see. I hope to have some good photos (and that other pesky sleeve) ready for Monday. Later Dudes!

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kaoticorchid said...

Whee! Sounds like fun! I need to do some knitting-I've been on a crafting stint that had nothing to do with knitting.